Gallery 4: Nabataean Zenith

The Nabataeans Kingdom reached its zenith in the period between the 1st century BC to the 1st century AD. A number of rock-cut façade tombs, such as the Treasury (al-Khazna), were built in Raqmu (Petra). This exhibition explores the Nabataeans' view of life and death through artifacts excavated at the Treasury, a 3DCG video of the formation process of the Treasury, and a reconstruction of a funerary ritual performed in the rock-cut facade tomb beneath the Treasury.

Flute Player

Pottery figurine of a man playing a double-flute, from the excavations of the al-Khazna courtyard.

There are no descriptions of the Nabataean funerary rituals in historical sources. Could this figurine allude to the playing of the flute, with its sad sound, during the rituals?

Raqmu-Petra, al-Khazna Courtyard

Nabataean (early 1st century AD)

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